FAKALOFA LAHI ATU & NAMASTE WHAT A FIRST WEEK WE HAVE WALKED INTO!!... We have had Vagahau Niue and Diwali in one week. With all the cultural learning it has been a great first week back, and to top it off with the Earthquake Shakedown...            Theme this year:  Tokiofa, ofania, mokoina e vagahau Niue Translation: Treasure, Love and Cherish the Niue Language. So Tuesday we had our Flag raising celebrations with the singing of each national anthem, bible verses and facts of each country. Thursday we had our assembly celebrations with each culture dancing and sharing. We later went into our classes and had a shared lunch. That was so enjoyable and delicious.   Plan of action: 1. School siren will be sounded. Get your students to be absolutely quiet .... students should not be walking around. 2. A pre recorded list of instructions will be played over the intercom. 3. Everyone needs to follow the pre

Week 9 EOTC YEAR 5s

What is EOTC? Well, its Education outside the classroom. Starting last week Thursday our year 5s have had the experiences of doing outdoor activities they may not get the chance to do in their childhood life time. Day 1: These activities started with a trip to AUT Millennium North Shore. This where they were taught more safety water skills. They  were taught how to keep warm in water, float and huddle with a group if they were to ever fall out of a boat. They learnt how to get back into a boat and help others to get back on board. They were taught to kayak, using a paddle, to falling out and getting back to safety to hop back into the kayak. The children had so much fun in the water area. Later that day they also went rock climbing and learnt skills of TEAM work. These activities were dynamic!!.. All the children loved their time there. Day 2: These were rotation Sport games in the morning; Netball, Volleyball, Tennis and Basketball. These were fun games played by al